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Six video portraits featuring a variety of Black trans experience.

The Black Trans Art & Joy Fund is a private initiative that centers community care for Black Trans people (black trans women, black trans men and black trans non binary people) in Belgium and the Netherlands. Through crowdfunding initiatives, and sharing & connecting networks, the fund has able to redistribute over €10.000 to Black trans people. It focuses on the radical idea of supporting people because they are, not just because they are in need.

The fund also offers practical support to provide the community with space to create, share their art and legacy. It focuses on shifting public narratives of Black trans life from experiences of trauma to experiences of joy.

In collaboration with the queer collective KLAUW, the Black Trans Art and Joy Fund has created a series of six video portraits featuring a variety of Black trans experience. Join us as we premier the portraits, and enjoy a panel discussion exploring issues around Black trans visibility and joy.

Tickets: 5.00


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Tijdens de maand oktober staan zwarte helden en achievers in de schijnwerpers. Van theatermakers, entrepreneurs tot aan wetenschappers en medici – al deze talenten en prestaties verdienen het om onder de aandacht te komen van het breed publiek.